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A Hero’s Tail

William Toblerone, contributor   I don’t know how you feel about ass. Mostly because only two of you filled out the survey that was sent to everyone on the mailing list. I used to know how I felt about ass until my cranium way overhauled by the summer’s hottest film.   I went into this movie with the same preconceived …

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Capes Are the Future We Need and Deserve

Adam Jacobs, contributor Why don’t more people wear capes? Royals have it down. Get yourself a nice, fancy cape and you’ll never be cold or unfashionable. And imagine vaping in a cape! Oh boy! Believe me, you want to vape in a cape. I’m tired of these pesky sleeves always getting in my way. I’m here to put my allegiance …

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I once was a hero

Mike Durant, contributor In the fall of 1968, I was hero. Not really, but very close. It began at Cam Ranh Bay in South Vietnam and lasted for three days. I was getting out of the country and the Army. Until that first day at the Cam Ranh, I had managed for a year to keep all my body parts, and they …

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