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Obvious Jokes (“Jokes”)

Zack Newkirk, staff   Q: What do you call Bobcat Goldthwait when he’s trying to reach his goal weight? A: Bobcat Goalweight   Q: What do you call Johnny Carson when he’s trying to get his son into his car? A: Johnny “Car””son”   Q: What do you call Ace of Base when they are playing in a celebrity baseball …

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Dr. Shoechucker: Wabbit Manifesto

Dr. Shoechucker, staff   Wabbit Manifesto: An Open Letter To The Elmer Fudds Look Doc, I demand the inalienable right to be left the fuck alone. All of your intrusions into my body and space mean war. Every sheisting capitalist flyer that you hang on my door, every genetically modified carrot, every double barreled shotgun blast in my direction is …

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