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The Superego Superinterview

In case you don’t know, Superego is a groundbreaking podcast that combines classic radio drama with modern absurdist improv comedy. Admittedly, that explanation fails to capture just how funny this series is. So, if you have yet to check out Superego, stop reading this and go download a few episodes – any episodes will do – then come back and …

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Josh Argyle – The Savage Henry Interview

If you’ve been reading this magazine for any period of time, you’re likely familiar with the hilarious writing style of our man, Josh Argyle. But did you know that Argyle is also a stand-up comic who co-produces a successful monthly live show called It’s Just 2 Minutes, Savage Henry’s San Francisco Bureau Chief, and that he loves movies about fat …

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A Day of Living Extreme

6:30a – My phone alarm goes off. Normal me prefers the “Classic Bell” tone. But not extreme me. Extreme me hits snooze but before going back to sleep, changes the alarm to Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast. 6:45a – I awake terrified, having forgotten about the alarm change. I regain composure and hit snooze again. 7:00a – OH …

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