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A Bride in the Dusk, a Thief in the Night (from “Istanbul Sketches”)

James Tressler, Contributor Istanbul is a city best seen from the Bosphorous at dusk, so if you ever get invited for an evening boat cruise, jump at the chance. My chance came in the form of a wedding. Our neighbor, Osman, who sells bottled water in a small shop next to our flat, invited us recently to the wedding of his son, …

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Evening in Kadiköy

James Tressler, Contributor In the days of the Ottoman Empire, the streets of Istanbul were plagued by dogs (in some parts of the city this hasn’t changed) — street dogs who wandered alone and, at night, in packs. They were generally cared for well; any dog that lingered outside the door of a cafe would be given some morsel from …

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Excerpt from the novel by James Tressler “For better or worse, it is in conversation with others that we listen most to ourselves.”  — Anonymous Sugit left for the migrant camp in Ostrava this morning. When he left it was very early, and even though I was really awake I pretended to be asleep as he dressed and packed his …

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