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R.I.P. Illegal Weed

Billy Wayne Davis, contributor Illegal Cannabis in California passed away on the evening of November 8th, 2016, but not without a fight. Growers, trimmers, smugglers, dealers, and pigfucking politicians alike fought hard to keep you illegal as horse fucking. But the sweet, sweet allure of death’s peaceful elixir was too much, and with that the naughty gatherings, secret grow rooms, …

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Never Get Another DUI

Adam Jacobs, contributor Driving Under the Influence can ruin your life and in the state of California you can get a DUI for being high on weed. That’s fucked up. When I’m stoned I drive way better than when I’m sober. I drive slower, pay more attention to butterflies, obey all traffic laws, and stop at every drive-thru. I think …

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