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Wanna Feel Old?

A Listicle of Child Prodigies You millennials think that Honey Boo Boo is a precocious child wonder? Millennial please – you wouldn’t know a child prodigy if you married one! (ed. note – do not marry any child whatsoever.) Here’s some of the REAL DEAL prodigy children from history. What you will find here… well, it might surprise and even …

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More Hollywood Rumors: Sports Edition

My spies are everywhere — but this time of year they take their ears off the ground at the Walk of Fame and plant them on the sports field turf! Watch out for cleats, spies! (My spies don’t have health¬†insurance, and they won’t ever, thanks to Obamacare.) Locker room scuttlebutt has it that Tiger Woods is an exceptional lover — …

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