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This Fan Theory About a TV Show Will Blow Your Stupid Pothead Mind

Mike Spiegelman, contributor   Something posted on the Internet has gone viral, and its story is generating headlines online. A new fan theory about a classic cult television program has everyone talking and is worthy to a lead-in paragraph to what passes as news nowadays on the Internet.   Seven years after Lost went off the air, the ABC mystery …

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New Jersey Guy’s Opinion on California Pizza, Part 217

Drew Jersey, contributor   Did you see this shit? A company from California has invented a robot that makes, bakes, and delivers pizza pies. What the fuck. Everyone knows the best pizza-making-and-delivery-robots come from the East Coast. There’s no way Californian pizza-making-and-delivery-robots are better than pizza-making-and-delivery-robots from New Jersey. No way. First off, the crust. The crust that accumulates around …

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