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Six Beers Deep: Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Flying Dog Brewery ABV: 5.5% 1st Time is a Charm – So here we got a stout made with oysters. A long pull off this and yep, no oysters. Maybe I should’ve gotten a non-oyster riddled stout for a control subject to test this again, but I couldn’t up and say, “This stout needs less oyster!” or “This makes me …

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Letter to the editor #04 (a)

Dear Savage Henry editors, I am frustrated by your decision to not run my short erotic story, “My Advisor and Me”. As a feminist and avid proponent of First Amendment rights, it offends me that your editorial team would participate in this type of censorship. I felt empowered by writing about a sexual encounter that was both incredibly exciting and …

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