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2016 Presidential Primary: A BuzzFeed Report

2016 Presidential Primary: A BuzzFeed Report Bimante Marie Stonefeld, BuzzFeed Staff OMG moment: you guys, Bernie Sandwich is gonna win this thing. As a staunch feminist and fan of Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum, this makes me mad. What is happening to this country? I am a reporter for the news, and when I was born in 1998, this country …

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Nation’s Uteruses and Cervixes Barricade Themselves in Abandoned Mall

Sam Greenspan, contributor In a desperate attempt to defend themselves from the onslaught of ravenous zombies seeking to consume and thereby control their very function through viral infections, biting, or aggressive, shitty legislature, our nation’s wealth of female reproductive systems have all taken refuge in a local abandoned mall. Spearheading the last vestige of independent choice concerning their fates, the …

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