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Bitter Police Forces Drop New “Fuck the Public” EP

Sam Greenspan, contributor After years of being accused of every ill in the nation on a ground level while still being called upon to help out and get their hands dirty whenever an actual problem is present, the United States’ police forces, from coast to coast, decided to express their collective woes by dipping their feet in the cleansing waters …

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Rappers’ Real Names

It’s often surprising to hear a rapper’s real name contrasted with his or her stage name. Snoop Doggy Dogg is really named Calvin Broadus, for instance. Wow. Wow. Here are some more real, given birth names of some famous rappers. You might be shocked: Ice Cube — Real name: O’Shea Jackson. Wow. Dr. Dre — Real name: Andre Young. Are …

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A Guide to Rap Slang: Money

Dant Stone, contributor   I’m a former rapper (look up “Wombstretcha the Magnificent”). This means that in addition to knowing what the hell Ol’ Dirty Bastard was actually talking about, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of unconventional slang terms for various things. The entire hip-hop community seems to thrive on having different, possibly complex-seeming words to replace the standard …

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