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Adolf Hitler is Still Alive (and He Groped Me)

Rocco Tenaglia, contributor   Savage Henry recently went international; as such, contributors were asked to go overseas and collect hard-hitting news stories for a new section in the mag called “Oh No We SHIT Int.” The mag flew me out to Amsterdam first class so that I could do a piece on underground sex dungeons, but what I ended up …

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The Problem With Spotify Within the Music Industry

Rocco Tenaglia, contributor I must admit that, even while writing this, I still pay for a Spotify subscription. The “Discover Weekly” playlists, intuitive gestures, and large catalogue all make the Swedish streaming sensation an obvious choice for the smartphone-toting music lover. And, yet, there is something incredibly unsettling about the effect Spotify has on the music industry. When I first …

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Rocco Tenaglia, contributor I have it on good authority that these are some of the key plot elements in the upcoming Stragner Things: Season 2! So if you don’t want spoilers, then look no further! Detective Stragner will find his ex-partner Jenkins in bad with Harriet. Again. Mike the barback will finally figure out who did the graffiti of the …

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