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Album Review: Eating Club “Eating Club”

Sam Greenspan, contributor The self-titled album from Alex Bortnichak, or Eating Club, is truly a dynamic showcase of not only his inherent talent (Bortnichak being responsible for almost all instruments heard on the record), but also his influences.  This deeply personal album is one of the best displays of self I’ve heard from an artist; it’s intrinsic authenticity standing out passionately in …

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Pervert – Touched By An Angel

This sounds like all of the other bands that sound like this. Fuzzy and fast, pseudo-monster growling, shrieking vocals stirring an audible mess. It reminds me of Spazz, and all of the other bands that sound like Spazz. My favorite song is “God Has No Dick,” as it is the shortest at a mere 18 seconds, and consists mostly of …

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Tim Kasher: His Sorrows Are a Gold Mine

A Review of the Album “Adult Film” Ben Allen, music editor Over the last two decades Tim Kasher has established himself as one of the most literate, self­-aware and influential songwriters of a generation. His lyrical content in his two primary projects (Cursive and The Good Life) is so brutally honest and introspective that it borders on self-absorbed. Kasher and …

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