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A Guide to Rap Slang: Money

Dant Stone, contributor   I’m a former rapper (look up “Wombstretcha the Magnificent”). This means that in addition to knowing what the hell Ol’ Dirty Bastard was actually talking about, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of unconventional slang terms for various things. The entire hip-hop community seems to thrive on having different, possibly complex-seeming words to replace the standard …

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Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Cartoon Catchphrases

Keith D, contributor Dr. Albert walks into the waiting room where Keith anxiously awaits news about his friends who were in a horrible accident. Dr. Albert: Hey, hey, hey! Keith (with grave concern): What’s up Doc? Dr. Albert: They’re Greeeat! Keith (exuberant): Happy happy Joy Joy! Dr. Albert: D’oh! Keith (confused): Zoinks? Dr. Albert (rubbing together thumb and forefingers (expecting payment)): Dough… Keith (shocked): Well I’ll be doggoned… …

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