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Five Guys Burgers and Fries – Santa Cruz (on acid)

Josh Van Lockant, contributor   Walking in after getting up enough nerve to leave the park bench after the Hog Farm acid really kicked in, I was immediately struck by the checkered motif. It felt like I was in that “Don’t Come Around Here No More” Tom Petty video. And then I got sad about Petty and then the fucking …

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Restaurant Review – Pizza My Heart, Santa Cruz

You know those days when you drink on the beach all day, check out a theme park and then bounce around a new city going from dispensary to dispensary? And then you’re all like, dang, I can really stand to eat. If you’re in Santa Cruz, and near a Pizza My Heart, this is the place for you. Large slices, …

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Trimmers, May I suggest Santa Cruz?

Adam Jacobs, contributor Are you suffering from PTSD (Post Trim Season Disorder)? Do you want this trim season to last forever? The money you make isn’t going to last all year long, at least not if you’re livin’ on the grid like some chump. Trimming is a lifestyle, so why only do it for a few months a year? Instead, …

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