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Shunt McGuppin – Bad Honky

America. Whiskey. Tumbleweeds. Moustache. These are the feelings I had while listening to Bad Honky, the new EP from Shunt McGuppin (AKA Superego’s Jeremy Carter). In just five songs, McGuppin encapsulates what it is to be a human animal in this wild world. The opener, “Yesterday’s Porn,” reminds us that sometimes looking back on the past can be the saddest …

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The Superego Superinterview

In case you don’t know, Superego is a groundbreaking podcast that combines classic radio drama with modern absurdist improv comedy. Admittedly, that explanation fails to capture just how funny this series is. So, if you have yet to check out Superego, stop reading this and go download a few episodes – any episodes will do – then come back and …

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