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Zombie Bunny

Aaron Pitcher, contributor   HUMBOLDT COUNTY, NV – A whole new means of amusement opened up Tuesday for Union Township resident Michael “Mikey” Rasmussen, Jr., 5, when he discovered that his parents’ glass water pipe, valued at $149.99 from Purple Haze Gift & Boutique, made what in his mind amounts to one sweet ray gun.   The child, described variably …

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Rejected GI Joe Codenames

Around the ol’ GI Joe HQ they only know each other by their kick-ass codenames: Snake Eyes, Stalker, Gung-Ho, Grunt… really powerful, strong, kick-ass names!   But they started running out of names later in the years, and, well… here is the list of names rejected by General Hawk:               Blow Job – Leaf …

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