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Visceral Candy Feat Tim Stiles

Adam Jacobs, contributor Remember when hip-hop was fun and not centered on money, drugs, and crime?   Well, Seattle area MC Tim Stiles sure does, as he collabs with the legendary beat maestros Visceral Candy. The result is a refreshingly fun musical experience full of dope rhymes, catchy hooks, and beats made to blow your speakers. Cranks the bass, crack …

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Album Review: Cas One The Monster and the Wishing Well

Tim Stiles, contributor A mere 150 words are not enough to describe this album appropriately. I’d love to dig into each track and give you feedback, but I’m restricted. Jacob (Cas One) Snider and Eric Hunter have been diligently working on this record for five years, and it shows. The track “Liberation” is flawless, an example of how perfection is …

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