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I Pull My Pants Down When I Pee and Now I Make $12,000 a Year

Pat Dylan, contributor   Teachers had their concerns about Andy.   “He always smelled of fine French cheese, and industrial strength airplane glue,” said Mrs. Melfer, his 3rd grade teacher.   Everyone was aware of the puzzling bouquet of aromas, but soon that odd fact would be eclipsed by his propensity to drop trow like George Michael in a truck …

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Smooth Like Granite – The Derek Sheen Interview

Derek Sheen was born a poor, funny child. His mother’s use of comedy as a retreat from the difficult periods in her life rubbed off on the young Sheen, who used jokes to combat school bullies and an abusive stepfather. “Comedy isn’t just a healing mechanism. It’s also a big, fat shield and a weapon when used correctly.” After a …

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