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Tofurky or Tofuckyou?

Tiffany Greysen, contributor On October 13, 2015 I decided to take a swing at eating vegan. Not because I was going to give up my new purse — I really love my leather purse— it’s really nice and still has that new purse smell. I also like shoes, and make-up. I know that some make-up is made from clubbed baby …

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A Carnivore’s First Experience with Vegetarian Meats

Ever since I told my doctor to shove a veggie dog up his ass for suggesting I eat less red meat, I’ve felt a little bad — and it’s not just the constant gastric pain and the screwed-up gallbladder, either. So I went to my local hot dog establishment, a place known for cooking the finest tube steak in town. …

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