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Quarantine Creativity Interview Series: Vern Rumsey

Ben Allen, music editor Vern Rumsey is a guy from Olympia, Washington. He has created some exceptional music over the years that has been enjoyed by audiences around the world. Rumsey is widely known for his playing in the band Unwound. In the 1990’s, the group successfully blew minds everywhere by obliterating the preconceived notion of what a “punk” group …

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RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals

Dutch Savage, contributor This record opens with what appears to be a simple acoustic track featuring former Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey (RedRumsey). Immediately after, the album shifts toward a stranger wormhole of weird. At times moody and unpredictable, this split EP takes the listener in an unlikely direction with eclectic sounds and interesting recording techniques. By the middle, we hear …

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