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Bottled water, or else

For those of you that don’t know, Fiji, the makers of Fiji Bottled Water, is ruled by a military dictatorship by a guy named Voreqe Bainimarama. I’m not even sure how to pronounce that, but as we all know, when one tyrannical despotism gets something, they all want it. Now oppressive regimes everywhere have their own bottled water! Check these …

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Ten Reasons I Dont’ Swim in the Ocean

Andre Parker, contributor   10) My Dad: I’ll never forget that cool summer evening. I was standing at the edge of a pier in a crisp new pair of baby blue swim trunks. The brisk breeze sliding across the water and gently kissing my preteen hairs as they grew silently from my legs. I’ll never forget the sweet smell of malt …

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The World is a Cold, Cold Place

Mankind has been slowly spiraling a whirlpool that will eventually destroy us all, ever since Al Gore invented global warming. No matter our efforts to cut carbon emissions, put a cap on greenhouse gases, or expend energy on reducing, reusing, and recycling, nothing has truly halted the inevitable decline of our planet’s habitability. Humankind’s numbered days become more obvious as the …

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