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White Manna – Bleeding Eyes

Andrea Bartunek, contributor For a band who’s name is also a burger chain in New Jersey, White Manna is rad and not at all greasy. Oh and not to mention, they’re from Humboldt. Although they’re touring the world at the moment like a bunch of badasses, you should try to catch them when they’re back in America. If you’re into …

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White Manna – Pan

Adam Jacobs, contributor The newest album from Arcata’s own White Manna punches you right in the ole yam bag with its heavy distorted sound. It’s vaguely reminiscent of when your uncle ran over your face with the lawnmower and your ears were replaced with old timey phonograph things. Well, at least we know what happened to Glen Danzig. He obviously …

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Album Review: White Manna, “Dune Worship.”

In many ways, White Manna is the quintessential Humboldt band. This is substance-inspired, modern psychedelic rock at its loudest and finest. Opening track “Transformation,” beats a two chord chugging groove into submission, while guitarist/vocalist David Johnson’s vocals float hauntingly in the background. Another highlight is “Illusion of Illusion” that follows a more relaxed path. At first the rhythm section holds down a …

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