Thanks Jimmy!

I picked up my first copy of your mag while passing thru Chico last month, and was stoked to see you are based in Humboldt since I went to school there in the 80s!

In the Trippn’n issue you had an ad from Hey Juan’s and I’d really like a copy of it. I worked there at the Arcata location before moving to Chico where we built and ran another branch that lasted for years. I’m stoked to see that the original Juan’s still exists.

I’m still friends with the guy Steve who owned it at that time. I want to pass this along to him.

I’m sure your advertiser will love to hear that someone is specifically asking for a copy of the ad since it was so eye catching.  It dosn’t have to be high quality or anything. A photcopy or even a picture of the ad will be good enough.

I saved the whole magazine but then my 14 year old son took it and misplaced somewhere afterwards. Great that your zine can appeal to both of us!



Ed note – Thanks Jimmy….I bet you’ll find the mag if you look under his mattress.

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