The Mother Vines – Following Me

Adam Jacobs, contributor

Wait, what kind of punk band sings about burning sage? Oh yeah, a punk band from Arcata, CA. I guess The Mother Vines are more Arcata than a roaming yak on the plaza.

This band is the classic “muffin top”: too much junk for their trunk. Punk rock mixed with surf rock guitars fueled by a Jello Biafra vibrato; the sound is a little schizophrenic and confused. I’ll only be truly happy when I find out that this band sleeps head to toe in a king size bed on a mattress filled with last season’s trimmings. The standout track is “Tombstone Read,” which sounds like The Black Keys and the B-52’s had grudge sex with the Count from Sesame Street.

Following Me sounds like a young cult’s recruitment soundtrack, just insane enough to possibly trick someone.

Rating: 7 out of 12 PBR cans!

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