The Savage Henry Punk Quiz

Are you punk? How punk are you? Are you a goddamn poseur (posers spell it that way)? Are you too punk to care? Great! Take the quiz and find out how punk you really are!
It’s the Savage Henry Magazine Punk Quiz!

1.) Judy is a:
a. Punk
b. Judge
c. Woman
d. Jetson

2.) Iggy Pop’s real name is:
a.  Iggy Azalea
b.  Twiggy Pop
c.  James Osteoporosis
d. Patti Smith

3.) I  have _________ tattoos.
a. Yeah
b. No
c. Cool
d. Prison

4.) Meat is __________.
a. Murder
b. My dick
c. Food
d. Cock

5.) Black Flag’s best singer was:
a. Sonny Rollins
b. Caesar Chavo
c. Dezi Arnaz
d. Ozzy Osbourne

6.) My hair color currently is:
a. Joan Jet Black
b. Red Kennedys
c. Cops Suck Blue
d. Dickhead Purple
e. Lorne Green
f. Piss and Teeth Orangish Yellow
g. I’m Not Gay Pink
h. Leopard print bullshit
I. Bald Guy White
j. All of the above

7.) Flipper’s bass player who died of a drug overdose in 1987 was named:
a. Will Shitter
b. Will Shatter
c. William Shatner
d. Keiko

8.) Getting’ Drunk:
a. Can’t afford it.
b. All the time!
c. More than that!!
d. I’m dead!!!

9.) Drugs:
a. I Wanna Live
b. More Beer
c. Annihilate This Week
d. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die

10.) Favorite punk cd right now:
a. CD’s suck
b. CD’s suck
c. CD’s suck
d. CD’s suck

10.) Record collectors are:
a. Pretentious assholes
b. Radio Stations
c. Thrift stores and garbage dumps
d. NSA

11.) My favorite Sex Pistol is:
a. Joey Mcintire
b. Sporty Spice
c. Carrie Bradshaw
d. Vanilla Ice

12.) Favorite Ramone:
a. Joey Fatone
b. Dee Dee Brasize
c. Marky Mark
d. Ramon Estevez

13.) Last thing you spit on:
a. Your grave
b. Baseball diamond
c. Yourself by accident
d. Anything else

14.) Your favorite new punk band of 2015:
a. Dog Ass
b. The Fuck-Fuck
c. Vomit Romney
d. Obama Bin Laden

15.) Punk’s Not __________:
a. Dead
b. Bread
c. Fred
d. It’s dead

Now add up your points!

If you did this quiz you are 0% punk. Fuck you!

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