The Tallest Man on Earth – Dark Bird Is Home

Sam Greenspan, contributor

Without even attempting to keep in line with the overarching autumnal theme of this issue, the predominant word that floats through my mind as I ponder the gorgeous melodies, ethereal piano chords, and shockingly appealing tin-can resonance on the Tallest Man on Earth’s third album is simply “haunting.”

This particular record is significantly more produced than his prior two, as if the gears that crank the wheels of the Fleet Foxes and Edward Sharpe got the Tallest Man caught in their spokes. It lacks a bit of the raw, “howling-at-the-moon” qualities that defined their other albums, but it’s just too beautiful to get upset about.

Listen to it once in the morning, and then again late at night, and the full breadth of their poetic goals shimmer through your mind like a crow gliding over a coastal sunset.

Rating: 10 out of 12 Cans of PBR!

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