The Truth Behind Those IN-N-OUT Verses

Everyone loves In-N-Out Burger. No matter where you travel in the Central Valley or down south, In-N-Out Burgers are always crowded. The Eddie Haskell-like employees, the limited menu, the freshness….whatever it is, In-N-Out is where it’s at. But have you ever noticed that their packaging has different Bible verses printed on the bottom or sides? Well we  thought we’d do the research for you and list what each one so you can enhance your burgers and fries experience.

Burger and cheeseburger wrappers – Revelation 3:20
“Meat between bread is the lord’s gift to lazy Americans who can’t even get out of their car to eat, therefore ask them if they’ll be eating it in their car just to make them reflect on their lives.”

Beverage cups and replicas – John 3:16
“Coca Cola offers the most for our contract, therefore thou shalt only offer Coke products for refreshing beverages.”

Double-Double wrapper – Nahum 1:7
“Meat shall not lay with meat unless two pieces of cheese separates them.”

Paper water cups (no longer in use for customers, they are now used by employees only) – John 14:6

“If you art thou white, or perhaps Hispanic, you shall always have a place to make a meager wage.”

Fry Boat – Proverbs 24:16
“Cut the potato fresh in the window, so those in their carriages can look upon you in awe.”

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