Other Things To Lick To Get High


Willie Nelson’s Balls
The Inside of Dr. Foxmeat’s Mouth
Pull Cord on the Bus
Any CD by 311
Banana Slugs
Rat Piss
The Color Green
Jerry Garcia
Your Cousin Greg’s Tie-Dyed Shirt
A Moose
Any Rock
The Carnival
The Roof of a Dog’s Butthole
Any and All Blood
Air Horn from any Reggae Festival
Pop Rocks
The Palm of My Hand
Garbanzo Beans
Matt Redbeard
Those “Magic Eye” Books
A Blue Crayola Crayon
The Glass Plate Inside a Microwave
Pumpkin Spice
A Knife
Richard Simmons’ Third Eye
A VHS Copy of The Goofy Movie
Jerry’s KIds
An Octopus Cop
Megan’s Law
21 Pilots (Not the Band)
The Mona Lisa
Alpha Centauri
Old Man Jenkins
An Uncooked Hot Dog
Shit I Found Behind the Couch
Andrew Holmgren’s Converse
The Soundboard at The Jam
Devil Sticks
A Living Human Brain
Playground Slides
Road Reflectors
A Rollercoaster
A Sega Genesis
Any Kurt Vonnegut Book
A Picture of a Cat Sleeping
A Speeding Bullet
Any Page of Savage Henry Magazine
Chris Durant’s Toenails
Your Phone after You Drop It in the Toilet
The Jungle Cruise Ride at Disneyland
A Fistful of Stem Cells
An Applebee’s Menu
Daniel Johnston
Grand Theft Auto 2
A Puffin’s Beak
The Guy Who Sells Blankets by the Side of the Highway

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