Things you might not have noticed…

Chris Durant and Zeke Herrera

Some of the most iconic and notorious vehicles in history are burned into our minds, either through photographs or movies or historical events. But if you look closer at these pictures and vehicles you may be able to catch some glimpses of things you might not have seen before. We found a few for you; take a look.


A Lyft pink mustache on the Hindenberg

Oh, the on-demand humanity!


A Savage Henry sticker on Knight Rider’s bumper

“Michael, that magazine isn’t even funny.”


One of those stick figure family stickers on Harry Potter’s broom

It’s ironic cause his family is dead. That’s weird.


A “My other car has Kennedy’s brains splattered all over it” bumper sticker on Air Force One

Lyndon B. Johnson had a dark sense of humor.


Yosemite Sam mudflaps on Optimus Prime

Bumblebee was getting pissed driving behind Prime and constantly getting splattered with mud so he got him these witty and cute mudflaps for Transformer’s Christmas.


Truck nuts on the Batmobile

Gotham’s original douchebag.

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