Top 10 ways to Choose to Die

10) Shark
9) Smothered by sub sandwich
8) Smothered by twin Swedish makers of sub sandwich
7) Monster Truck Accident
6) Any blaze of glory larger than 4 yards in diameter\
5) Space Madness
4) WWF chokehold gone wrong
3) Saving people from a burning building
2) Saving kittens from a burning building
1) Getting drunk with your bear buddy

Bottom 10 ways to Choose to Die
10) Smart Car accident
9) Too much pie
8) Holding your pee for too long
7) Scurvy
6) On 9/12/2001
5) Ringworm
4) Wiping back to front
3) Forgetting to feed your 60 cats
2) With dirty underwear on
1) On the toilet reading this



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