Top 10 Ways Trimmers will spend their money

Trimmers make money — not as much as they used to, and they don’t always get paid on time — but they still make money. Below are the results of a 4-year study into the Northern California and Oregon economies as they relate to trimmers. It sheds light on exactly what the trimmers are spending their money on.

10 – Breakfast at the Alibi.
9 – Paying off a DUI or two.
8 – Clones, soils, and nutrients, ‘cause next year they’re going to blow their own scene up.
7- Paying off their grow shop account because last year they tried to go big on their own scene and lost their ass.
6 – Child support.
5 – Plane ticket back home to France.
4 – Plane ticket back home to New Zealand.
3 – Plane ticket back home to Ireland.
2 – Plane ticket back home to one of the Scandinavian countries.
1 – Plane ticket back home to Australia.

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