The Top 6 Most Racist Athletes

Zack Newkirk, staff

It’s a sad fact that in 2015 some close-minded people still discriminate based on skin color. But it’s an even sadder fact that in the past, there were even worse racists than now – and some of them were professional sports players. Here are some of the most racist pro athletes in the history of the world:

6) Kobe Bryant, basketball player. Said the n-word in a game.



5) Russell Westbrook, basketball player. Called his friend an n-word.



4) Dez Bryant, football player. Called his mom the n-word.



3) O.J. Simpson, football player. Barked off a couple n-words at Dairy Queen in 1992.



2) Prince Fielder, baseball player. Called Orson Welles the n-word after a team viewing of The Magnificent Ambersons in 2008.



1) Tom Brady.


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