Top Weed Combos

Evan Vest, contributor


Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Chips and Salsa. Guns and Butts. There have been many great combos throughout history, but the crazy thing about weed is that it combines well with EVERYTHING! Literally everything is made better by weed. Here are some of my favorite things that go great with blazin’ out.









  1. Weed and Coffee

There is nothing better then waking up after a long night of doing jack shit, then getting a hot, fresh cup of coffee and a hot, fresh salty bong rip of some skunky sativa. The caffeine gets your brain going and the cannabis takes the edge off. Some say that’s what I did to write this article. I’m afraid of those people. Definitely helps you be productive but you also run the risk of getting lost in ‘80s music videos on YouTube.

  1.  Weed and Church

When I’m hearing the good word on Sunday morning, there is nothing that gets me closer to God than a powerful Gospel song and at least three highly potent edibles. Just snack on ’em during the sermon; you’ll want to come back every week.

  1.  Weed and the Moon

When walking the lunar surface, one must always bring weed. Surprisingly, exploring the Moon without any weed is pretty boring, because the Moon is just a big empty space rock. But if you hit a doob in your space suit you can pretend you’re one of the moonmen from MTV.

  1.  Weed and Job Interviews

Whenever I have an interview with a great employer for a job that would change my life, I show up absolutely baked out of my head. I want to show them that I am coming in hot and ready, and it also takes a lot of the interview nerves away. Sometimes I offer my potential employer a puff to break the ice. If you are reading this, please contact with a job offer. I am very broke.


  1. Weed and Connor

Connor is a great kid, man. He lets me smoke weed in his garage and sometimes we listen to Kottonmouth Kings on his computer speakers. He has a dirt bike but I don’t see him ride it much. His room smells like mold so I prefer the garage. I bum weed off of him a lot, but I’ll pay him back. Anyway, this has been my list of my favorite people to smoke with. Thanks for reading!


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