TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: The United States of America Western states edition

What if the United States were held to the same standards of truth in advertising as toothpaste or laundry detergent? A Savage Henry investigation.

image81 Oregon

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing? Get back in your car, dude. We man the pumps around here.
“I won’t check the oil or put air in your tires, but I will expect a 15 percent gratuity.”

image71 California

State Song: Sublime, “Smoke Two Joints”

State Flower: Sinsemilla

Official Sport: Disc golf Historic Legacy:

Green Rush, 1996- 2010

image01 Nevada

All right guys, so here are the rules … uh … well, let’s see … don’t go around killing people for no reason and, uh … yep, that’s about it.

image11 Utah

Hey, fellas! Relocate to certain remote regions of Utah and claim as many brides as you want!

Of course, you’ll never see the inside of a bathroom for the rest of your life — and booze is verboten, so there’s no escaping the constant nagging.
And we hope you prefer living in an oven.

image41 Wyoming

“It could be like this always …”

image91 Arizona

In 2010, the Arizona legislature officially declared Aryans to be the master race. Sales of Spam, NASCAR memorabilia and T-shirts soar.



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