TV KORNER: British Edition

In an attempt to pander to our growing international readership, here are the 15 highest-rated telly programs aired in the UK in March:

1) Kipper, John?

2) Father Butterfart’s Trousers

3) Ooer! I Trod On Something Nasty

4) Rugger Nieces

5) Leftenant Chufnell & Mrs.

6) Twistelton-on-Moore’s Randiest Governesses

7) The Bally Sod

8) Pudding with Nigel

9) BBC3 Movie of The Week: Halp! Mum’s Gone Barmy

10) Biffed

11) Rogering the Naughty Duchess

12) What a Rude Noise!

13) Shall I? Shan’t I? With Jervis Pogglesnead-Travers

14) A Rather Ripping Conversation

15) BBC1 Movie of The Week: The Peculiar Reticence of Washerwomen

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