VACATIONS – Vibes & Days

Brook Low, contributor

If you’re ever in the mood for validation on the days that sometimes pass you by in a haze, I suggest you kick back and listen to the moody and melodic vibes of VACATIONS.
Their album Vibes & Days contains some sweet mellow riffs that will drag you to the deep seas of sweet crooning candy-coated oceans. These boys are from Australia, so the lead singer’s vocals have been successfully melted & caramelized into some sort of replica of a chill 50’s alt-rock, that can help drift you off to some nostalgic places. These songs will have you kicking back comfortably and mumbling teenage tumblrs favorite phrase, “I was so born in the wrong generation.”
The best part though, is that this genre is still here in this generation, this album just dropped.

Anyway, check this album out if you’re in for a “summertime, living’s easy,” sort of feeling.

Rating: 8 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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