Vengeance Night – A Short Story by WeRateDogs

(It’s a wet n boomin night. Doggo sniks into kitchen to snorp some water. Suddenly, a puppers leaps out of the shadows)

DOGGO: H*ck fren, u scarin me

PUPPERS: That’s my plan, fren

DOGGO: What u meanin puppers

PUPPERS: I read the letter in ur desk at work, Doggo. I know u borked my wife

DOGGO: Whoops

PUPPERS: U borked her, fren, then u h*eckin borked my sister too

DOGGO: Havin a thought to explain, Puppers

PUPPERS: Explain it to the devil, fren

(Puppers has a shiny knife. Doggo sees it, and they grapple. It’s a powerful struggle, but finally Puppers gets the slip on ol’ Doggo and draws the blade across his front scruff)

DOGGO: Ahhh Puppers ur killin me, fren

(Doggo has a one more breathin, then expires in a pool of hot purple neck juice. Puppers lifts his paw n tinkles on Doggo’s dead face. The end)


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