Vermicrop Organics Presents the 6th Annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival

Savage Henry Magazine is once again opening the Redwood Curtain up to more than 100 comedians from all over the United States for three days of stand-up comedy, game shows, podcasts and riffing. Over three days, Oct. 6 – Oct. 8! Shows run from 5 p.m. to late Friday and Saturday and from 1 p.m. to late Sunday.

A dozen venues participate this year with more than 40 shows all over the course of 3 days:
◊  The Jam  ◊   The Arcata Theater Lounge  ◊  Arcata Vet’s Hall  ◊  Humbrews  ◊  The Palm Lounge  ◊  Northtown Coffee  ◊  Arcata Playhouse  ◊  Blondies  ◊   The Trim Scene  ◊  The Alibi  ◊ and more…

Headliners at this year’s fest include:
Johnny Pemberton from Son of Zorn and 21 Jump Street
Billy Wayne Davis from WTF w/ Marc Maron and Last Comic Standing
Marcella Arguello from @midnight
Nick Rutherford writer for Saturday Night Live
Sam Tallent from Roast Battle and Viceland
Chris Charpentier from Jimmy Kimmel Live and Those Who Can’t
Greg Edwards from Thug Notes
Andrew Holmgren from Viceland
Seth Milstein from I Am Road Comic
Keith D from Party Legends
Moore Devine from Viceland

And many, many more…

$35 for the entire fest. Tickets available @Brown Paper Tickets.
*Does not guarantee admission if venue is at capacity.
Individual shows range from $5 to $15 at the door.


  1. Savage Henry is epic. Hands down my favorite magazine, and I don’t even read magazines! If I send you guys 35 dollars or something like that could you mail a monthly copy to my apartment?

    Sincerely , a musician

    • Thanks for the kind words, it’s a labor of love so your words are encouraging!
      We do subscriptions for $50 a year/12 issues. You could do 6 months if you want.
      Mail us: 791 8th Street # N – Arcata, Ca 95521
      Or email for other payment options.

  2. Growing up in the Panther Gap area between Bull Creek and Honeydew is pretty different now than when I was there in the 1940s. Some of the differences are pretty funny. Others? Not so much. That stand up comedy is thriving in Humboldt is very cool. I don’t do stand up–comedy, that is. I do stand up, which many people my age have trouble doing. I was born in Scotia, but now I live far away in Pennsylvania. I get out to California once in a while. Notably, I’ll be there in April to meet with the remnant of my high school graduation class. This will be the sixtieth reunion of the class of 1958. How time flies! I’ve just been thinking about the last time I lived in Humboldt. I moved from Nashville to the Mattole Valley in 1978–forty years ago. I tried doing stand up at HSU, as a lecturer in psychology, but that didn’t work out. After four years, I moved to Chicago to work in a zoo, and then on to Washington, D.C., which bears some resemblance to a zoo. During my time working at National Geographic I got to travel to some pretty interesting places. Traveling became a habit. Even so, I don’t get home to Humboldt often enough, and I miss it.

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