Vermicrop Organics Presents the 5th Annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival

Savage Henry Magazine once again opened the Redwood Curtain up to more than 100 comedians from all over the United States for three days of stand up, game shows, podcasts and riffing. 

11 venues participate this year with 33 shows all over the course of 3 days:
◊  The Jam  ◊   The Arcata Theater Lounge  ◊  Crush  ◊  Humbrews  ◊  Big Fish Vape Lounge  ◊  Northtown Coffee  ◊  Arcata Playhouse  ◊  Blondies  ◊  Richards Goat Tavern  ◊  The Trim Scene  ◊  The Alibi  ◊

Comedians include The Fine Gentleman’s Club from Denver (Viceland), Billy Wayne Davis (WTF w/Marc Maron, Last Comic Standing), Eric Dadourian (Viceland, Meltdown), Dave Waite (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Last Comic Standing), Butch Escobar (USO, Sketchfest, Chico Comedy Festival)  and local legends Cornell Reid and Josh Argyle and the return of prodigal comedy son Zeke Herrera. Oh, and about 120 more comedians from all over the country.

$30 for the entire fest. Tickets available @Brown Paper Tickets, or at Wildberries in Arcata.
*Does not guarantee admission if venue is at capacity. Individual shows range from $5 to $15 at the door.

One comment

  1. I watched the show at Richards goat Tavern tonight and I just have to say that whoever the guy with the mic at the back of the room as Robo-fuck, et al ruined the show .

    I have no idea how good the comics were because he kept interjecting himself into their routines.

    It would be one thing if he was working a bit with one of the comedians but he did it in every single set.

    A couple of comics kind of called him out on it but I can’t imagine any of them really appreciated it . There was no way for them to get any kind of rhythm going so unless it was meant to help them fill out six minutes, it did nothing but distract.

    And if he argues that people were laughing, yes there were people laughing but most of them were the entourage in the back of the room.

    Seriously, tell him to stay out of the show unless he’s going to get up on stage.

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