Vetiver – Complete Strangers

If Andy Cabic, a.k.a. Vetiver, set out to make the soundtrack to an uneventful day at a private beach, then mission accomplished.

Vetiver’s sixth album, Complete Strangers, dips its toe ever so gently into several shallow pools of influence, including folk, synth, funk and tropicalia. The album title is fitting, as each track varies in style and mood. The common thread is Cabic’s soothing, breezy vocals, which manage to stay nearly weightless, even when dealing with heavier subject matter.

Complete Strangers is an easy-listening album for the third best summer of your life.

Rating: 7 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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Isaac Kozell is a New Orleans based Writer and Standup Comedian. He spends his spare time skateboarding, gardening, and reminiscing about that one time back in '99 when he was invited onstage to perform with the band Sugar Ray.

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