Video Games on Hallucinogens

It seems like a good idea, and with the proper guidance, it can be. Playing video games while peaking on mushrooms, LSD, or mescaline can be your reality. You may be high-level light machine gunner in Black Ops 2, but if you’re frying mad balls… that little part of your brain that usually tells the rest of your brain “this is fake”, as you massacre generic-looking Middle-Eastern men with your MK48 in the rubble of a bombed-out city, is gone. It’s heavy, man. You start hearing Creedence anytime you hear the rumble of a helicopter.

EA Sports games are just as intense. 3rd and 9, TE Streak is called, and you’re pouring sweat ‘cause you just smoked your 3rd hit of DMT in the last 2 hours. You can’t finish the play, man. You end up very gently placing the controller on the ground and and slowly sauntering off into the corner to sob for letting your make-believe team down.

Here are some games that I have tested under various circumstances in the past. I cannot guarantee they’re safe, but they sure made me right. (You’ll notice a lot of them are older games. This is not a reflection of my video game activity… don’t worry, I’m on top of that. The references have more to do with my frequency of ingesting hallucinogens.)

Ecco The Dolphin Sega, 1992 – Are you fuckin’ kidding me? You’re a dolphin who justs swims around and flips out of the water and shit? This is probably the first game specifically made to tame someone who’s out of his gourd on drugs. Well, actually, that was probably Pong. Anyway, I was blaring Check Your Head at like 3 or 4 on the volume dial, and staying up until dawn, living the life of a dolphin, sans the raping humans part.

PaRappa the Rapper Playstation, 1997 – “Every single day, stress comes in every way. I ain’t got no time for nobody. My style is rich, dope, phat in which… we’ll make a cake today that looks rich!” – Cheap the Cooking Chicken. I never got around to advancing on this one too fast. My mind, at the time, couldn’t wrap around the fact that there was a 2-dimensional cartoon hip-hop dog that was talking to kung-fu onions and chickens who were chefs. Just writing that out loud takes me right back.

Spice World Playstation, 1998 – This is the Spice Girls’ video game. I had a roommate who worked at Blockbuster Video, and he would always call before leaving work to see if he should bring a movie home. One night when he called I told him I had some friends over and we had all eaten a sugar cube about 40 minutes previous to his call. He arrived 10 minutes later with this video game. None of us were in any condition to handle the controls so the roommate pushed the buttons as we all shouted the different song sections and dance moves to make the next Spice Girls hit.

Any of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band or SingStar Games 2006 – 2010, XBox 360 or PS3 –  (Now I really have no direct “hallucinogenics” experience with these last two, but previous experience gives me confidence enough to speak on the subject). So, it’s like the world’s best karaoke bar, from your point of view only.

Little Big Planet PS3, current – Just look at that picture. Need I say more? And if you get the right concoction you can build your own levels and people can play them and rate them… almost like South Korea’s got talent. One thing I can say about this franchise… I have never laughed so hard playing a video game with the whole family (no one on drugs).



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