Other Ways the Delorean Was Used

Movies are supposed to be about two hours long. And even though the Back to the Future franchise had 3 installments they just didn’t have enough time to show you all the other ways the Delorean was used. Lucky for you, I know!

October 19th, 1985: Doc Brown goes back to October 1st, 1985 to pay his cable bill so it doesn’t get turned off.

March 23, 2014: Obsessed with Game of Thrones, Doc Brown travels to June 15th, 2014 to binge-watch the entire 4th season on his HBO Go account.

May 3rd, 1994: Doc Brown gets a question wrong while watching Jeopardy with scientist friends at a dinner party and gets laughed at. He travels back two hours and correctly answers the question and wins the contest hands down. The wife of his host, Carl Sagan, is so impressed she carries on a passionate affair with Doc Brown until Sagan’s death in 1996.

January 22nd, 1991: Feeling stagnant with his band, Marty uses the Delorean to travel to 2007 where he watches the People’s Choice Awards and sees that Nickelback won favorite group. He collects the entire catalog and returns home pretending to write all the songs himself. Much to his chagrin everyone immediately makes fun of him and his band Dimefront and he never picks up a guitar again.

April 5th, 1999: Marty travels into the distant future hoping to find a time where they’ve cured Parkinson’s Disease.

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