What the Flux?

Now I’m dating myself here but I remember MTV’s Liquid Television. It was all those Spike and Mike Festivals of animations, but only a half hour and in your home! That’s when I first caught Aeon Flux.

I know since then they have made a movie with Charlize Theron and have released the whole cartoon in its chronological order on DVD, but how that whole universe was introduced to me was in out of context 45-second intervals, with no dialog.

I mean I got the basic concept, some Orwellian future with ominous overlords and a lady with what has to be the most uncomfortable leather, well you can’t call it a bikini…. very revealing sportswear? And Venus flytrap eyelashes and guns and the like. I get it, it intrigued the shit out of me when me and all my drunk, broke-ass friends would gather around my working friend’s cable box in 1991. But as much as I pretended to be hip then, and now for that matter, I still don’t know what the fuck was going on there.

And don’t ask me why, but instead of the racially stereotypical belief that some country in Asia was drawing the shit out of this cartoon, it had a very Swedish touch to it.

I guess I’m stalling, cause Aeon Flux is a giant mystery to me….And I’m no amatuer. I have my last name tattooed in Klingon across my back and can name every being in Wuher’s Mos Eisley cantina. But Aeon Flux is like someone throwing Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey into a bag, shaking it around that’s what comes out.

America is in love with TV again, perhaps its time to revisit the Aeon Flux universe. But please let’s do it traditionally with some story and back story and dialog. WIth all the options out there, the way to stick out is to do it like everyone else.

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