Where Are The Bradys Now

Staff, (mostly Mike Spiegelman and Robert Berry)


Those 6 little rapscallions from the the ‘70s show The Brady Bunch eventually grew up. Ever wonder what professions they chose to get into?


Greg: He dabbled in porn for a bit before finally joining the Ted Talk circuits with a presentation about incest tolerance.


Marsha: After a failed modeling career and a brief stint at Passages in Malibu, she married a Hollywood agent and is now living in Beverly Hills.


Peter: After doing what his parents wanted him to do — become a nose doctor in Silicon Valley — he decided to scrap it all and follow his dream of owning his own Poke restaurant in Nevada City, CA “Poke, Chopped, and Apple Sauce.”


Jan: Though she has a Master’s degree and has toiled tirelessly as a social worker in the Tenderloin in SF, she can never get past middle management.


Bobby: He’s currently in year 50 of a 65-year prison sentence for a bank-robbing spree wherein he burned the mortgages of farmers who were losing their farms while taking only minimal cash. He was the basis for the 1986 Emilio Estevez movie Wisdom.


Cindy: No one has seen Cindy since she moved to Trinity County, CA in 1981 to grow weed with a man she met at Grateful Dead show at The Greek Theater. This is the most recent photo of her:


Cousin Oliver: Still lives with Mr. and Mrs. Brady in the same house, in Alice’s room. He’s skated by through being a temp and a regular union scab.

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