White Lady Hour

I fit the criteria for Wine Drinker: I’m a white lady. I’m not going to lie, I drink a shit-ton of Bota Box wine with Refreshe seltzer water. It is “my jam,” as the kids are saying these days. I can hardly make out their little squeaky voices because I am profoundly White Lady drunk.

White ladies who are drunk on wine do not vary in the following activities:

1) Putting on Joni Mitchell records and singing to them very close to the record player
2) Facebook commenting in a slightly more passive-aggressive tone
3) Counter wiping
4) Cable watching with commentary
5) Careless, unthorough laundry
6) Calling up old BFFs to wait for our turn to talk
7) Bonding with the dog
8) Eating whatever was left over
9) Pornhub followed by cookie deletion


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