The Wisdom of Dick Vitale

The venerable Dick Vitale, ex-college coach and current color analyst luminary, is nearly 200 years old. What have we learned from this pillar of basketball industry in the past century of televised collegiate hoops?

— Yeah, baby!

— Slam-a-lama-ding-dong!

— Diaper dandy, gimme some candy!

— Wacka-lacka-boogie-baloom!

— Call a roofer, ‘cuz the ceiling just caved in, baby!

— I before E, except after C, baby!

— You gotta be kiddin’ me!

— Are you serious? Dammit! Crap!

— Slam dunker, junker in the trunker, gimme some Lutefisk, baby!

— Take me to the hoosegow, baby — I just committed grand pants dumpage, baby!

— Baby, I just put a baby in the trash, baby! Baby!

— Call the FBI, I’m the Boston Marathon Bomber, baby!

— Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby —

— A publicly elected official cannot have the best interests of his or her constituents in mind while beholden to the corporations who got him or her into office, baby!

— Listen, baby, I’m sorry! OK? I’m sorry, baby! I didn’t plan on it happening, baby! I know it’s your sister… I’m — I’m sorry, baby. That’s all I can say, ok? OHHHHHH did you see that dunk-a-lunk by the dookies, baby? Yabadaba-dingooooooo!

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