WoW, Sarah, really?

I have brushed with World of Warcraft. Like the way the side of a big-rig brushes with the wall of an underpass and the driver gets fired and all of his future wages are legally garnished to pay for the damages.

At my lowest point I sat outside on a summer day, an extension cord running to my laptop, with a blanket over my head, because glare, grinding for XP.

I consider myself a regular person with an outside life and interests. Have I lost track of life? Have I spent money on a flying horse that is also on fire? Yes. HELP.

I did come to my senses and I truly do regret all of the time I wasted on WoW. So now I play Rift. RIFT!


About Sarah Godlin

Sarah Godlin, one of the creators of Savage Henry, lives in the heart of Humboldt County, California. She has a bit of a Napoleon Complex, but all in all is a hell of a gal. She's responsible for the fold-in's, Catty Mean Girl, the Monthly Confessions, The parental Warning, many features and a grip of the other funny that make Savage Henry so great. She also wrangles writers. If you think you're a funny writer, get a hold of her. She can loud whistle, play harmonica and back a trailer into a tight space. She's a lefty and a Clippers fan. She's also a Raiders fan but don't hold that against her, she enjoys winning just as much as the next person. You can follow her on Twitter! You can send her emails! You can send her presents! 791 8th Street, Suite 5 Arcata, Ca 95521

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