Wrestling Moves Banned For Historical Insensitivity

Everyone’s heard of the headlock and the suplex and even the pile driver … classic wrestling moves. But since the dawn of the, ummmmm … sport (?) professional wrestlers have let their creative side out when naming their signature moves, and sometimes this gets them in some politically incorrect trouble. Here are some of the old moves that created controversy for the sport and its wrestlers.


The Nagasaki Knee Drop – Legendary Yokohama wrestler Nobunaga would annihilate opponents with this move, but thought better of it after August 9th, 1945.


The Market Crash – Okie Smith would hit the southern tour in the roaring ‘20s with his tag team partner Roger Rogerstein under the name the Bull and the Bear. Not many people got that they were going for a stockbroker thing, but they changed their off-the-top-ropes move from the Market Crash to the Dust Bowl after Black Tuesday.

The My Lai Massacre – A Vietnamese immigrant and professional wrestler, Nguyen My Lai, was named so because he hailed from the infamous village. But after a company of American soldiers attacked the village, promoters changed his name to Ho Ho Ho Chi Mihn, a Santa Claus/communist leader mash up who was one of the most popular bad guys in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.


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