While celebrities often have a team managing their social media, sometimes even they can’t avoid a good old-fashioned Twitter fail. Here are 10 celebrity Twitter fails that are so bad, they’re actually quite entertaining.

  1. Kanye West’s Caps Lock Rant:

Kanye West went on a passionate Twitter spree in 2016, typing in all caps for maximum impact. From declaring himself a “creative genius” to tweeting about fashion and art, his intense rant caught the attention of the internet and became an amusing moment in Twitter history.

  1. Cher’s Confusing Spelling:

Cher is known for her iconic music career, but her Twitter posts often leave followers puzzled. Her unique spelling and abundant use of emojis make for some interesting, and at times incomprehensible, tweets that have become a signature part of her online persona.

  1. Lindsay Lohan’s Language Barrier:

Lindsay Lohan occasionally uses foreign languages in her tweets, but unfortunately, they aren’t always accurate. Her attempts at speaking other languages have been met with confusion and amusement from her followers who often point out the errors.

  1. Justin Bieber’s Monkey Business:

Back in 2013, Justin Bieber had a pet monkey named Mally that was confiscated at the Munich airport. He took to Twitter to express his sadness, stating, “Everybody can judge me…but my monkey belongs to me!” This tweet sparked memes and jokes about Bieber’s love for his primate friend.

  1. Donald Trump’s Covfefe:

Former President Donald Trump’s Tweet in 2017 containing the word “covfefe” went viral and left the internet scratching their heads. Many tried to decipher its meaning, but it remains a mystery. The tweet became a cultural moment and spawned countless memes and jokes.

  1. Britney Spears’ Mysterious Poetry:

Britney Spears occasionally shares poetry on her Twitter account, and while her intentions may be heartfelt, the result often leaves followers questioning the meaning and lyrical structure. Her poetic tweets have become a source of amusement and intrigue.

  1. Kim Kardashian’s Out-of-Context Quotes:

Kim Kardashian’s tweets can sometimes be taken out of context or misconstrued. Her combination of brevity and directness can lead to humorous misunderstandings and viral moments when the internet latches onto a seemingly odd statement.

  1. 50 Cent’s Forgotten Bitcoin Fortune:

In 2018, rapper 50 Cent tweeted, “I forgot I did that,” after realizing he had owned Bitcoin since 2014 and had completely forgotten about it. This admission sparked laughter and jokes about the potential fortunes we all may have forgotten about.

  1. Mariah Carey’s Confusing Hashtags:

Mariah Carey’s use of hashtags often leaves followers scratching their heads. Her tweets contain hashtags that seemingly have no relevance to the content or are excessively long, creating a moment of confusion and amusement.

  1. James Blunt’s Self-Deprecating Humor:

Singer-songwriter James Blunt is known for his self-deprecating sense of humor on Twitter. From poking fun at his own fame to making witty remarks, his tweets often garner laughter and show his ability to not take himself too seriously.

These celebrity Twitter fails entertain us with their unintentional comedy and remind us that even our favorite stars are not immune to the occasional social media mishap. While some may cringe at these fails, they ultimately bring a little humor and lightheartedness to our timelines.

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