Social media is prone to all kinds of hilarious typos and autocorrect fails that leave us laughing out loud. Here are some of the funniest examples that highlight the sometimes unpredictable nature of typing and autocorrect features.

  1. Friends “Fingerlings”: AutoCorrect can turn innocent typos into something entirely different. When someone tried to share their excitement about the TV show “Friends,” it was mistakenly changed to “Fingerlings,” a popular children’s toy. The resulting confusion and amusement were shared by many.
  2. “Duck Army” Memes: A typo turned into a viral sensation when someone intended to type “duck” but mistakenly typed “fuck” in a Facebook comment. The typo resulted in a hilarious misunderstanding and ended up spawning “Duck Army” memes all over social media.
  3. “Netflix and Chilli”: Instead of “Netflix and Chill,” a typo changed the intended phrase to “Netflix and Chilli.” A simple error provided a humorous twist to the popular phrase, resulting in many laughs and memes.
  4. “Covfefe”: In 2017, former US President Donald Trump tweeted the word “covfefe,” which seemed to be a typographical error. It quickly gained attention, and social media users had a field day creating hilarious memes and speculation about its meaning.
  5. “On a Rampage”: A user intended to type “on a rampage” on Twitter but accidentally wrote “on a ramp age,” creating a delightful confusion that spawned many jokes and puns related to wheelchair accessibility.
  6. “I’m Feeling Slutty”: A user intended to type “I’m Feeling Sleepy” but instead ended up writing “I’m Feeling Slutty.” The unexpected autocorrect fail provided a moment of hilarity and embarrassment.
  7. “I’m a Huge T-Shirt”: A typo in a social media post turned “chip” into “huge,” resulting in the unintended declaration of “I’m a huge t-shirt lover!” Users couldn’t help but laugh at the image of someone being a huge fan of large clothing items.
  8. “Grandma’s Chicken Mucus”: A well-intentioned post about how much someone enjoys their grandmother’s chicken soup was marred by an unfortunate typo, creating a rather unappetizing-sounding dish called “Grandma’s Chicken Mucus.”
  9. “Snakes on a Plane’s”: When someone attempted to share their excitement about the movie “Snakes on a Plane,” a typo turned it into “Snakes on a Plane’s.” This unexpected possessive form added a humorous twist to the iconic film title.
  10. “Never Trust a Fart”: In a Facebook comment, someone wrote, “Never trust a fast food fart.” However, an autocorrect mishap changed it to “Never trust a fast food tart.” The unintended change to a dessert item provided a moment of unexpected humor.

These funny typos and autocorrect fails remind us that even in the digital age, mistakes can happen that lead to humorous and sometimes awkward situations. They serve as a reminder to proofread carefully, or at least appreciate the comedic side of technology’s unexpected surprises.


By Teddy

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